Monday, February 9, 2009

New Jobs for Foreign Language Speakers

Translators wanted by recruiter in Washington, D.C language company that provides translation and interpreting services to the US. government. The recruiter suggested I share these new career opportunities with you. If qualified, please reply this email and I will forward them to him.
Please reply by Thurs Feb 19, 2009. Reply only if you meet the requirements stated below.
Preliminary Requirements for all Interpreters:Resume including all formal and informal interpretation experience US Citizen or Permanent Resident (green card holder) Lived in the US for 3 of the past 5 years Must have one year of judicial interpretation experience for The Department of Justice contract –
Please response with your resume including all interpretation experience.
Luo – Kenya
Maragoli - Kenya
Nuer - Sudan, Ethiopia
Bamun – Cameroon *
Basaa ( Douala ) - Cameroon
Ngemba - Cameroon
Oku - Cameroon
Vengo (Babungo) – Cameroon
Ngwe - Cameroon
Chokwe - Democratic Republic of the Congo *
Tama – Chad *
Ejagham - Nigeria
Baule - Cote d'Ivoire *
Bassa - Liberia
Kru - Liberia
Dagbane – Ghana *
Ga - Ghana
Moba - Togo
Dyoula - Burkina Faso
Songhay - Burkina Faso
Toma – Burkina Faso
Manjaku - Guinea-Bissau *
Kissi Northern – Guinea
Limba - Guinea/Sierra Leone *
Mende - Sierra Leone
Temne - Sierra Leone

Languages needed The Department of Justice – Immigration Court in specific locations: (all languages are urgent)
Amharic – Ethiopia – Los Angeles and San Francisco
Tigrinya – Ethiopia - Los Angeles and San Francisco
Soninke – Mali and all other regions – New York City
Somali – Somalia – San Antonio

Languages needed for Department of Homeland Security – Telephonic Interpretation (does not require one year of experience)
Amharic – Ethiopia – morning availability
Fulani – West Africa - daytime availability
Somali – Somalia – daytime availability
Tigrinya – Ethiopia – daytime availability
DioulaBurkina Faso - open availability
Mandingo – Senegal - open availability

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